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I love what I do as it helps give women back their confidence and address concerns that the NHS no longer support them with. 

I'm always so grateful for your feedback, thank you.


"I had my operation at Pall Mall Medical at Newton Le Willows on 01/04/2019.


My operation was vaginal stretch and botox injection to vaginal muscles. 


I had a wonderful experience from start to finish. My consultation with Dr Gendy was the first time someone had acknowledged the problem I was experiencing after trying to get help for 5 years plus on the NHS. I felt at rock bottom and actually cried happy tears when he said he knew exactly what was wrong and it was easily fixed.


I got booked in for the operation quickly and everything ran smooth leading up to surgery.

The day of surgery was as nice as can be. Everyone was calm and Dr Gendy came to meet me before hand and explained everything again that was about to happen and made sure i felt happy and safe.


The surgery for me was life changing. The best thing I've ever done. After the surgery Dr Gendy has always been available for me anytime of the day and also helped with another minor problem I had a couple of years later. He sorted it quickly again and made me feel comfortable and in good hands.


I'd recommend him to anyone and everyone and I'm so glad I booked that initial consultation.


Thank you so much for changing my life. Il always be grateful." 


"Hello! I just wanted to say thank you again for holding today's clinic. Despite it being quite a sensitive matter, I felt so comfortable with yourself and Dr Gendy. I even phoned my Mam after the consultation and she agreed that it was money well spent to be given the guidance and reassurance that I did. Grateful for the knowledge moving forward to take to my consultant to hopefully get the matter resolved. Thank you so much again for offering this service

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