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Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal rejuvenation helps women to solve numerous problems associated with their intimate areas. It alleviates the unpleasant sensation of burning, itching and dryness. It helps solving some problems of the urinary tract and enjoying the intimate life. Women of all ages benefit from this procedure, most often those after natural childbirth and during menopause: It also helps regaining appropriate elasticity and diameter of the vagina as well as restores physiological pH levels and bacterial flora.

Procedures are virtually painless and last for about 30 minutes. These procedures do not require any special preparation but we must exclude infection first. The patient should have had a normal cervical smear in the last 3 years and should not be bleeding at the time of the treatment and not wearing a copper coil but Mirena coil is safe. The procedure is performed with the introduction of a Probe head of Hifu into the vagina to act on its walls directly. It creates multiple, precisely located effect in the vaginal wall, leading to the formation of new young cells and glands. This rejuvenates the wall by activating collagen biosynthesis and restoring the appropriate water levels in the extracellular matrix.

After the procedure, patients may return to their daily activities but should not undertake sexual activity for about 4 weeks.



After childbirth:

After childbirth, especially, when childbirth occurs later in life, the vagina does not return to its initial position, it remains wider; therefore, stimulation of vaginal walls during sexual intercourse decreases. Especially in the cases of:

  • a high number of childbirths

  • the use of forceps or vacuum extractors

  • perineal wounds and tears

  • giving birth to large babies

  • Multiple pregnancy

  • big weight fluctuations of the woman‘s body

  • inherited connective tissue abnormalities,

  • Over 35 years of age.


Even the planned  caesarean section is not an absolute protection because during the pregnancy woman’s hormones reduce the muscle tone, the pregnant uterus presses on  the vagina, the ligaments and the muscles causing vaginal and uterine prolapse of different severity as well as other changes which not necessary cause problems needing surgical intervention but they make an effect on woman’s self-confidence and sexuality.

The procedure helps to reduce the circumference and restore previous elasticity of the vagina as it acts directly on the walls of the vagina, tightening and modelling them. Patients who undergo the procedure regain both physical and mental well-being as well as comfort during sexual intercourse.


How can these problems be recognised?

If you feel that your and your partner’s satisfaction with sexual intercourse has changed.

If after taking a bath, swimming in a lake or pool, water stays in your vagina.

If you are interested in prevention of vaginal and uterine prolapse if you have a family history of prolapse.

Advantages of the treatment of aesthetic vaginal rejuvenation

  • Non-invasive with no surgery

  • Not painful, anaesthesia  or pain relief is not required

  • Special preparation is not required

  • Safe

  • The duration of the treatment is about 30 minutes

  • One treatment will be needed to last for up to two years.

  • After the treatment you will be  allowed to return to your daily work

  • Improvement will be noticed immediately after the treatment and it will be more noticeable within the following six months with a very high satisfaction rate


What is the principle of the treatment of aesthetic vaginal rejuvenation?

  • the collagen of the vaginal connective tissue contracts. That is why vaginal narrowing is felt in some cases immediately after the treatment

  • the synthesis of new collagen is stimulated and vaginal elasticity improves, which is a long-term effect.

  • Production of new blood vessels  improves the blood flow in vagina walls and increase its sensitivity.


Is this a safe treatment for women?

It is completely safe for women and their internal organs. It operates in a short depth from the vaginal walls and does not affect the  cervix, the uterus nor the ovaries.


What are the results of the non-invasive laser treatment?

  • For 95% of the women assessed, the narrowing of their vagina as significant

  • The vagina got narrower by 17% of its diameter on average.

  • High (97%) satisfaction rate

  • No side effects noticed.


What tests or conditions should be performed or present before the treatment?

  • Normal cervical smear.

  • Urine test to exclude infection.

  • Vaginal swab to exclude vaginal infection

  • Full gynaecological examination

  • Treatment should not be performed while she is on her period.

  • BMI less than 35

  • The woman’s work is not related to lifting heavy items daily

  • Pregnancy is excluded.

  • No history of genital cancer


What are the recommendations after the treatment?

  • not to have any sexual intercourse for 3-4 weeks after the treatment

  • not to take a bath, or to go to a pool for 1 week after the treatment

  • to avoid constipation for 2 weeks after the treatment

  • to avoid lifting heavy items for 1 month after the treatment

  • not to use tampons for 1 month after the treatment

For how long will the results last?

The improvement remains for up to 2 years.




Urinary tract problems:

There are also women who will benefit from vaginal rejuvenation with early-stage disorders of the urinary tract, such as:

    • difficulty urinating.

    • sudden urge to urinate with or without incontinence.

    • stress urinary incontinence.


These problems may appear at any age and are often associated with childbirth and menopause. The underlying cause is mainly weakening of the pelvic floor muscles. During the procedure, the probe acts on the bladder outlet to strengthen its valve. It contracts the vaginal walls and stimulates collagen fibres, thereby improving the position of the urethra. As a result of the procedure, women regain comfort, both physiologically and mentally.


During the menopause, women often complain of insufficient moisture of their vagina, which is a result of lower estrogen production. It is also a time when the vagina loses its original elasticity. These symptoms significantly decrease the quality of sexual life which leads to sensation of dryness and pain during sexual intercourse.
Vaginal rejuvenation treatment helps vaginal walls regain their elasticity and become moist. After the procedure women are also less prone to infection caused by small trauma which is a common complaint of women during the menopause.

Problems of vaginal dryness, irritation, burning, and loosening can be helped with this treatment.

The procedure leads to restoration of the physiological pH levels and bacterial flora inside the vagina, preventing infections. Once the appropriate tissue water levels are restored, the unpleasant sensation of dryness disappears and the vaginal walls become more elastic and compact.


Sexual life:

The procedure is ideal for women who wish to enjoy their sexual life as the Hifu waves improve vaginal elasticity and moisture thereby alleviating pain during intercourse. The procedure also helps to reduce vaginal circumference, which makes the sexual experience of both partners more intense and enjoyable.

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