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There are two types of procedures:

Labiaplasty for the inner lips

This procedure focuses on reducing the size or shape of the inner lips (labia minora), as well as the removal of dark skin tone tissues. They are usually the cause of nuisance for many women for reasons related to physical sensation in the area, or psychological reasons, such as lack of self-confidence or sexual performance if a woman dislikes the appearance her vaginal lips.


Labiaplasty for outer lips:

This procedure aims to augment the size and look of the outer vaginal lips (labia majora) by restoring the loss of volume and tighten or lift relaxed skin presents there.

Labiaplasty of Inner lips


What are the reasons for Labiaplasty of Inner lips?

Some women simply do not like the look of their labia minora because they are too long or asymmetrical. In other cases, the lips can be uncomfortable during exercise or sexual intercourse. Occasionally, they may be a cause of frequent infections, irritation and discharge.

How do I know whether my labia minora are normal?

They are all normal. However, if you are unhappy, bothered and distressed with the shape of your genitals it is advisable to see a specialist to get an advice.

What are the different ways of performing Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty can be performed under local anaesthesia by applying a special anaesthetic cream over the area. You will need injection of a local anaesthetic into the area. Labiaplasty can be done in many different ways surgically. It is not uncommon for the clitoris to look bigger once the lips are reduced in size because of its proportional size. In such cases, the clitoral hood reduction is necessary at the time of the Labiaplasty.


How long does the procedure take?

The procedure takes about an hour.


When can I go home after the operation?

Once the anaesthetic wears off, usually one hour after the operation, you can go home.

What to expect after the operation?

  • Sitting and peeing during the first week after the operation may be uncomfortable.

  • Swelling and soreness are usual for up to two weeks, but these symptoms are expected to improve with each day.

  • Bloody or blood-stained discharge may happen for 1-2 days.

  • Depending on the way the body heals there may be slightly asymmetry of both labia.



What care is required after the operation?

  • Avoid sitting immediately after the operation.

  • Apply an ice pack every 4-6 hours within the first 24 hours while awake. Place an ice-pack over a thin pad, NOT directly onto the skin

  • The doctor will prescribe non-inflammatory medications to take for 3 to 5 days after the operation. The medications will help with the pain and decrease the swelling. The medications will not cause drowsiness.

  • Constipation might complicate recovery so laxatives may be needed.

  •  You should avoid sexual intercourse for 6 weeks.

  • You should not use tampons for 6 weeks.

  • It is important to keep the area of surgery clean and dry. You will need to wash every time you have open bowels or pass urine.

  • You will be prescribed an antibacterial cream to apply to the scar area twice a day for 2 weeks, and antibiotics to take for a week after surgery.

  • You can perform light exercise one week after the surgery, and your regular exercise two weeks after surgery after doctor’s visit.

Labial fillers for outer lips

Loss of volume in the outer vaginal lips (labia majora) is a common issue in women as they age especially after childbirth, menopause, and extreme weight loss. They can become more noticeable, especially if they are darker or hang down past the edges of the labia majora. Apart from appearance, the labia majora act as a kind of cushion during sexual intercourse. The loss of tone and firmness can cause discomfort during sex because they are unable to protect you from excessive friction and impact.

There are several options for regaining the volume to the labia majora. We use fillers, which are injections made from hyaluronic acid, a chemical produced by our bodies. This may be combined with Platelets Rich Plasma (PRP) to improve the vascularity of the labia. They can give up to 24 months of correction. Like facial and lip injections, this non-surgical procedure takes approximately 15 - 30 minutes. You’ll see results immediately, with minimal to no swelling following the injections. There is no recovery time needed. You’ll be able to return to everyday activities immediately.

Who may need labial filler?

For women who desire full, toned and firm labia majora.


Is the procedure painful?

No, your Gynaecologist will use local anaesthetic injections, added already to the filler, for this procedure and will apply numbing cream to the labia before the procedure.

What are the side effects of the procedure?

It is a safe procedure and side effects are rare. Swelling, redness, pain, itching, discolorations may occur. Rarely there may be a reaction to the hyaluronic acid filler.


How much filler is injected?

The amount and the type of filler will be discussed in each case and will depend on the size of the labia, degree of sagginess and patients’ wishes.

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