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IV Vitamin Nutritional Therapy Course

This course is suitable for ALL aesthetic practitioners who are trained for phlebotomy and cannulation.


If not, the two courses can be taken on the same day.

It allows the candidate access to over 20 IV vitamin cocktails with many functional infusions as shown below.

List of the vitamins which can be single or combined

Given over 15 minutes


Vitamin B12 infusion

Vitamin C 500 mg

Vitamin B complex

Biotin infusion

Multi Vitamin infusion A B C D E

Multimineral Selenium, Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Chromium

Glutathione infusion  1200 or 2400 mg


Name of the Functional infusions

Given over 30 – 45 minutes


Myers infusion

Skinny infusion

Immune Boost infusion

Anti Aging infusion with amino acids

Detox infusion

Sport and muscle performance

Memory and concentration infusion

Energy Booster

Skin Whitening and brightening infusion

Blood Booster

Magnesium infusion

High dose Vitamin C infusion 10 or 20 gm

The course includes lectures indicating the function of the individual vitamins, minerals and amino acids. It provides information on the ingredients of each infusion and you'll the given a manual to keep.

The lecture explains the benefits of the IV infusion therapy, the indication of each infusion, the side effects and the contraindication of each one.

It also allows you a model or two and ends with a CPD accredited certificate.

After the course you will have access to over 20 vitamin cocktail infusions listed above without a prescription fee charge.

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