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Aesthetic Gynaecology

Aesthetic Gynaecology is a relatively new branch of medicine that allows women to correct their intimate body parts. The modern woman wants to feel beautiful, attractive and self-confident and she wants to enjoy her bodily sensations. However, often a woman notices that childbirth changes her appearance and sexual sensations which do not recover even after a few years.

Aesthetic Gynaecology deals with correcting imperfections of the private parts. It restores or enhances the appearance and functions of female reproductive organs. Imperfections can be corrected in virtually every case, regardless of whether the defects are of congenital nature or rather a consequence of childbirth or ageing of the body. These seemingly invisible defects often have an influence on the entire life and health of the woman. They have a negative impact on her sexual life, cause recurrent infections and pain as well as mental discomfort. Slowly but effectively they undermine the woman’s self-esteem.

Aesthetic Gynaecology treatments do not only provide an enhanced appearance and function of the female genital area but also help the woman lose her inhibitions, improve her physical and mental state and thus, frequently, revive intimate relationship with her partner.

The range of aesthetic procedures is offered to the women who:

  • are not satisfied with the appearance of their external sexual organs

  • have unpleasant or unsatisfactory feeling during sex

  • have difficulties to reach the orgasm

  • have had several, difficult or traumatic childbirths,

  • experience a sexual discomfort with pain and dryness.

  • feel embarrassed about the size or asymmetry of their labia,

  • feel a discomfort connected with urinary incontinence.



Aesthetic Gynaecology includes many treatment options which may be combined:

Non surgical vaginal rejuvenation

Labiaplasty with either reduction or augmentation with fillers

Clitoral hood reduction

G-Spot Augmentation

O-Injection (orgasm injection)

PRP application to the vulva and the vagina

Male PRP to enhance erection and filler to increase the circumfrence of penis

Botox application to the vagina for painful sex



 Perhaps the solution to your problem is easier than you expect! Be a woman – a self-confident and happy woman!

Non surgical vaginal rejuvenation
Clitoral hood reduction
G-Spot Augmentation
Orgasm injection
P injection for Men
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