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The FEM-Aesthetics Team

Dr Fakher Gendy
Consultant in Gynaecology and Aesthetic Treatment

Dr. Gendy is a British trained fully accredited consultant gynaecologist. He is a member of many professional bodies and is fully trained in Aesthetic treatment as a Medical Consultant.
He has worked as a consultant Gynaecologist for over 25 years in the UK and abroad. 
He is on the Top Doctors list and was awarded
" The Best Arabic Doctor for Gynaecology and Aesthetic Medicine in the UK for 2022"


  • Aesthetic Gynaecology All non invasive:

  • Vaginal rejuvenation which tightens the vagina, non surgically, and keep it healthy and treats also stress incontinence

  • G Spot augmentation for deeper and prolonged orgasm

  • Labia minora reduction with surgery under local anaesthesia with or without hoodectomy

  • Labia majora augmentation with filler

  • O injection “Orgasmic Shot” which makes the tissues more sensitive to the touch

  • Botox application to the vagina for painful sex

  • PRP application to the vulva and the vagina

  • Hormonal imbalance

  • Genital Male PRP to treat erection dysfunction

  • Well Woman Clinic dealing with most of gynaecological problems


  • Dipoloma in Obstetrics in 1987

  • Membership of the Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists, London in 1992

  • Membership of the Faculty of Family Planning and Reproductive Healthcare in 1993

  • Fellowship of the International College of Surgeons, USA in 1995

  • Current Membership of professional bodies:

  • JCC certificate in Family Planning in 1984

  • Member of the American Fertility Society in 1992

  • Member of the British Society for Psychosexual Medicine in 1997

  • Member of the British Menopause Society in 1997

  • LoC in Subdermal Contraceptive Implant Techniques in 2008

  • LoC in Intra Uterine Techniques in 2008

  • Diploma in Anti wrinkle injections and facial fillers

  • Diploma in Gynaecological Aesthetics​

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