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Well Woman Clinic

Well Woman Clinic is designed to deal with many of women problems which can be dealt with by Dr. Gendy in the clinic in most cases. If you need a small procedure which requires hospital set up, you will be referred to nearby hospital or clinic where these can be done at a discounted price by Dr. Gendy.

After the pandemic the NHS waiting list is so long so many women prefer to have their treatment privately.

The Clinic deals with the following conditions:

  •  Annual screening which includes a full history and examination, a cervical smear and some blood tests. It may include an ultrasound scan if required.

  • Under 25 clinic designed for ladies aged between 18-25 years who can not have a cervical smear through the NHS and they will also have a chance to solve any other gynaecological problems.

  • Period problems which include heavy and irregular periods, bleeding between periods or after sexual intercourse. It also deals with cases who have no or infrequent periods.

  • Family Planning issues as consultation for the proper pill, insertion or removal of implants or coils. Coils may be copper coils or Mirena coil which contains a progestogen hormone to treat heavy periods in addition to its contraceptive function.

  • Menopause and its problems and dealing with Hormonal Replacement Therapy and other available treatments for menopausal symptoms as natural remedies and aesthetic treatment.

  • Polycystic ovaries and increased body hair.

  • Basic investigations for male and female infertility to detect the cause and advise the couple about the appropriate treatment.

  • Vulval, vaginal and cervical problems which may need one of the aesthetic treatment.

  • Skin tags

  • Pelvic inflammatory disease and pelvic pain.

  • Sexual problems as high or low libido, painful sex and bleeding during or after sex.

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