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UK Gynaecology, Face & Body Aesthetics Specialist

Welcome to Fem-Aesthetics 

Fem-Aesthetics is the Feminine Health Clinic providing Aesthetic Gynaecology, Face, Neck & Body Aesthetics and Well Woman services across the UK.
With clinics strategically located across major UK cities and towns. Fem-Aesthetics provides accessible services for women all over the UK.
Founded and Directed by Dr. Fakher Gendy - Consultant Gynaecologist in the UK for more than 25  years.
Fem-Aesthetics specialises in:


  • Aesthetic Gynaecology Treatments

  • Well Woman Clinic

  • Face, Neck and Body Aesthetics

  • Aesthetic Courses to Practitioners

For any queries or to book an appointment in a clinic nearby you

Please email us or text us on 07484 676793

Aesthetic Gynaecology

Vaginal rejuvenation


Clitoral hood reduction

Labia majora augmentation

G-spot augmentation

PRP genital injection

Removal of skin tags

The P injection for men

Botox to the vagina

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Aesthetic Practitioner Courses

Phlebotomy and IV Nutritional Vitamin Infusion

Deso Face and Body Fat Dissolving Course

Face & Neck PRP Mesotherapy, and or Microneedling

Face & Neck Profhilo

Face & Body HIFU Skin Tightening

Genital PRP for Men or Women


Well Woman Clinic

Annual screening 

Period problems 

Family planning

Menopause and HRT


Sexual problems 

Polycystic ovaries

Vulval & Vaginal Polyps

Pelvic pain

Under 25 Clinic for cervical smears

Happy Woman

Face, Neck & Body Aesthetics

Face & Neck Mesotherapy

Face & Neck PRP

Face & Body Hifu Skin Tightening

Face & Neck Profhilo

Deso Face & Body Fat Dissolving Injections

Face Micro needling

Hair restoring PRP


Non surgical liposuction

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