This allows overcoming of the technical obstacle to sexual initiation. In a certain group of women the hymen is so thick or rigid that a surgeon’s help is necessary to remove it. Besides, some patients fear the pain which usually accompanies the first sexual intercourse. They prefer to have their hymen incised by a doctor before sexual initiation. This may need general anaesthesia with injection of Botox inside the vaginal muscles.



It is a surgical reconstruction of the hymen. There may a number of reasons for which a woman wants to retain her virginity and very frequently these are very intimate and sometimes painful reasons. It may have religious reasons especially from women from the Middle East where virginity is a question of honour or even life.

Another reason for restoration of virginity is rape. Being raped before sexual initiation is a real trauma for young women. Hymenoplasty allows them to come back to their previous life at least to a certain extent.